The Willi Kansa theatre festival

The 10th nationwide, multi artistic, found space theatre festival Willi Kansa® invites groups to present their wildest ideas and craziest realizations in Karvia on the 12th and 13th of November 2009. This year’s theme is future.

The Willi Kansa in the barren ground waits for the multi artistic performances onto its surface. The preliminary panel chooses the performances among the applicants. The best performance will be awarded a challenge cup trophy "Girl who dances with a wolf". In addition to that the jury will present 840 euros and other prizes. Performances mustn’t be seen beforehand. They can also include for example music, dance or circus, and they must be well-produced realizations with elements of drama. Space, external conditions or excessive strictness shouldn’t block the imagination.
Duration of a performance should be 10-30 minutes.

The jury will pay special attention to the following criteria:
• The group has created their performance for the audience and they have their own message to tell.
• The realization is bold, original, innovative and memorable.
• How the performance makes use of the space in question.
• The performance shouldn’t be primarily built on technique.
• What kind of contacts there are within the group.
• How the performance sticks to the theme Boundaries.

The responsible organizers of the event: Karvia Theater Association, Karvia Folk Music Association, Municipality of Karvia, Finnish Amateur Theater Association and Arts Council of Satakunta.

Additional information:

The festival coordinator Maria Laaksoharju, Municipality of Karvia, Kyläkarviantie 17, 39930 Karvia, Finland

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